How to make clients money with SEO

When you are looking to gain exposure to new customers looking for your services SEO is the way to go. In order to get a legit ranking for a website you need to communicate with Google what exactly it wants to know. For whatever keywords you may want to be found under those should be the keywords you should target which are known as target keywords.

If someone wanted to get an SEO site exposed to Google for a specific city like New Orleans I would want to make sure that the words New Orleans SEO Agency shows up on my website a few times. This will take care of your On page SEO for this website.

Now if i really wanted to make sure that the site would get ranked effectively for this keyword I would make sure that I could borrow a few backlinks from someone who owns a popular blog. Hopefully everything works out and you can generate a link going to your website in order to improve its rankings.

Well hopefully this helped with your sales generation needs. If there is anything that can be done to your website to drive customers to it SEO would be the best bet.

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